LC-OCD-OND stands for Liquid Chromatography – Organic Carbon Detection – Organic Nitrogen Detection.

Apart from OCD there are more detectors added, a UV-detector at 254nm (UVD) and an organic nitrogen detector (OND).
As ”LC-OCD-UVD-OND” would be too long it is common to use to keep the old name ”LC-OCD”.


Flow scheme of Model 8 system.


This is, how the system works in general:

  • Mobile Phase is pre-cleaned by UV-Oxidation in the DOCOX-reactor and pumped to an autosampler and then to the chromatographic column.
  • The liquid enters the UV-detector (UVD) and then the Organic Carbon Detector (OCD).
  • A side stream after UVD enters a special capillary UV-lamp (DONOX) and then a 2nd UV-Detector measuring at 220nm.
    In this DONOX-reactor Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) and ammonium is oxidized to nitrate and afterwards determined.

You may find further informations for the specific components on the following pages.