Actual prices are effective from 2022 and apply to all customers in all countries. There are no additional fees or ”hidden” costs.
Samples may be sent any time, the lab has no holidays.


incl. enrichtment
Sum. DOC
(min. 2 samples)
400 € / 500 $800 € / 1000 $60 € / 75 $
University300 € / 375 $600 € / 750 $60 € / 75 $

Although we usually charge in Euro (€), we offer the option to pay in US Dollar ($) as well.
Please note, that the prices in USD are different, as we do have to account for additional charges and exchange rates.

Reports to customers

Reports are sent to customer by e-mail typically within two days after receipt of samples in pdf-format.

Reports are treated confidentially and are the exclusive property of customers.

Reports in Word-format are sent upon special request only.



We generally accept the purchase conditions of our customers.

Within Europe invoices are usually sent by standard mail few weeks after completion of work.
For overseas customers invoices are usually sent by email (pdf). Our invoices show BIC and IBAN data for money transfer.

Paying by credit card would only be possible upon special request.