Actual prices are effective from 2017 and apply to all customers in all countries. There are no additional fees or ”hidden” costs.
Samples may be sent any time, the lab has no holidays.


Standard Ultrapure Sum. DOC
with report without report
400 € 350 € 1000 € 60 €
350 € 300 € 1000 € 60 €



  • We do not charge for sample pre-treatment, like neutralisation or membrane extraction.


  • Minimum sample volume is 10 mL.
  • With slight adaptations of chromatographic conditions, LC-OCD-OND can also be used to analyse NOM in marine waters.
    As longer columns are used chromatograms take longer time (250 min).


  • Due to this the price is fixed to 400 € (Euro) without reductions for MC status.


  • Minimum sample volume is 50 mL.


  • Please mark ”marine samples” on flask or accompanying letter.
  • Since 2004 we are capable to characterise organics in waters with TOC-values in the sub-1-ppb concentration range after preconcentration.
    This includes the identification and quantification of compounds including NOM, urea and resin leaching compounds in the ppt range.


  • The price for one LC-OCD-OND analysis of UPW is 1000 € (Euro). This includes pre-concentration, the analysis, and a full individual report
    with interpretation on the basis of the analytical data and (optional) additional information given by customer.
    A reduced price of 800 € (Euro) is given to customers with ”MC” status.


  • Minimum sample volume is 1000 mL.


  • For reclaim waters, IPA, TMA, DMSO and others can be determined. As no pre-concentration is necessary, the standard analysis scheme can be applied.
  • DOC-LABOR also offers summaric DOC-analyses, particularly for waters below 200 ppb.


  • The minimum order volume is 100 € (Euro) (2x DOC).


  • Minimum sample volume is 10 mL.


Reports to customers

Reports are sent to customer by e-mail typically within two days after receipt of samples in pdf-format.

Reports are treated confidentially and are the exclusive property of customers.

Reports in Word-format are sent upon special request only.



We generally accept the purchase conditions of our customers.

Within Europe invoices are usually sent by standard mail few weeks after completion of work.
For overseas customers invoices are usually sent by email (pdf). Our invoices show BIC and IBAN data for money transfer.

Paying by credit card would only be possible by special request.