Retrospectives – 2012

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4 years since my last entry – obviously time travels faster (on relative scale).


What happened since 2008?

As late as in 2011 I found the time to get published a review paper on LC-OCD in Water Research (see publications). Another paper published in the same year in Aqua deals with analysis of urea.
Analytical services keep us busy and we have now 4 LC-OCD machines in our measuring lab to ensure sufficient capacity.

LC-OCD manufacturing has also increased and we are now manufacturing 5 systems in series instead of 2.

Dr. Michael Abert has left us in 2011 and Nico Seeleib has taken over his part in 2012.


Interestingly, while I was striving in past years to be irreplaceable as possible, I now try to share my expertise with people or to put it down on paper in order to be replaceable.
This makes me feel better and secures the future of DOC-Labor. The idea is that all employees at DOC-Labor are capable of running DOC-Labor on their own and to train new personal themselves.