Retrospectives – 2008

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In 2007 we enlarged our work space further from 170 sqm to 340 sqm.

To fill this space better we have employed a chemist, Dr. Michael Abert.
Dr. Abert studied at the Universities of Oldenburg (Master), Leipzig (PhD) and Karlsruhe (Post-Doc).
In his PhD-thesis Dr. Abert worked on a thermal-based TOC-detectors, humic substances characterisation and FFF (Flow-Field-Fractionation).


In 2007 the demand of LC-OCD-OND systems continued to be high. We shipped 3 systems to Japan, China and Spain. For 2008 we expect at least 4 orders for LC-OCD-OND systems.


Oh yes, last not least!: The recent past was also very fruitful in private aspects:

  • In 2007 Michael Abert became father with the birth of his son Julian.
  • In 2008 Andreas Balz, became father of twins, a son and a daughter, Konstantin and Anika.
Analytical work
  • Biopolymer characterisation: We worked on techniques for better resolution of the biopolymer fraction using columns with larger pore sizes. Although we got better resolution we had to observe that a significant proportion of the biopolymers got lost on the column due to trapping. We decided to cease this approach. Instead we are currently working on coupling FFF (Flow Field Fractionation) with OCD-OND.
  • Marine Waters: We improved this application further and are quite confident that we now can identify the compounds responsible for membrane fouling. DOC-LABOR participates in a large research project on this matter (MEDINA-project).
  • Semiconductor reclaim waters: We established a library of most organic compounds used in chip manufacturing. This allows us to be more specific for unknown organic contaminants.