Retrospectives – 2006

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2006 was the most turbulent year in DOC-LABOR’s history so far.

We moved to new premises and enlarged the work space to 170 sqm. In 2007 we will double this space to 340 sqm to meet the increasing demand in LC-OCD systems. In previous years we shipped one system per year in average. In 2006 we shipped 4 LC-OCD-OND systems to Finland, The Netherlands, South Korea and Japan. This makes it a total of 12 systems sold and it is likely that in oncoming years this figure will rise at a quicker pace.

As far as home-made research is concerned we made progress in:

  • the analysis of urea in raw water:
    Two techniques are possible: Direct injection of raw water in a high-resolution column, or ion exchange pre-treatment of sample.
  • Marine waters: We optimised chromatographic conditions to get a better resolution. The results are at least as good a for sweet waters.
  • Biopolymer analysis: In the past the entire biopolymer fraction eluted at the exclusion volume of the column.
    Now we can separate this fraction in several sub-fractions.

Last not least: Stefan Huber received the Paul Cohen Memorial Award for the most innovative presentation given at the International Water Conference © in Orlando/Florida in 2005.