Retrospectives – 2002

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2002 was a very good year for our LC-OCD hardware. We delivered two complete LC-OCD systems to major water research institutes. The results of this research will also be beneficial to us and our customers.

In 2002 we started with sample pre-concentration techniques for ultrapure water of the Semiconductor Industry. There is much interest to learn about the sources of TOC in UPW in the sub-ppb range. First results will be presented at  the SPWCC conference in 2003.

The range of “exotic” waters measured with LC-OCD has further expanded.

In previous years we had analysed:

  • Marine Waters off-coast the North Siberian Sea
  • Very old, highly mineralized deep-well water used as Healing Water in a Spa
  • Many Million years-old, salt-saturated brine water of water bubbles enclosed in Permian Zechstein salt. TOC was still around 500 ppb and, of course, devoid of humics

This year we got:

  • Very old “fossil” water from a deep well in the Sahara desert
  • Sulfate-rich water from the Caspian Sea
  • A natural water from a Gas exploration site in Germany
  • Deep Sea Certified Reference Material