Dr. Stefan Huber
Power Plant
Questions & Answers
Q: Why takes it so long to get conductivity down after resin regeneration?

A: Demin water after regeneration contains polyanionic Building Blocks. These are not sufficiently desorbed during regeneration of strong base anion.

Q: Why do we have a premature release of cations from cation filter?

A: Cation feed water contains acid-precipitable humic acids, these slowly convert the cation filter into an anion filter. Pre-treatment is in sufficient.

Q: Why is steam condensate cation conductivity in excess of 0.2 ÁS/cm?

A: Make-up water contains biopolymers and LMW neutrals which are cracked into organic acids. Drum type: Lowered pH in drum allows carry-over of acids into the steam. Benson type: Organics are cracked into acids in the superheater.

Q: Why do we have such problems with our UF-module at site X?

A: Your biopolymers include molecular sizes which may act as pore blockers.

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