Dr. Stefan Huber
Drinking Water - Example 2
Variabilityn of NOM in tap waters 
We did a survey on a few Chinese tap waters which showed high variability:

Site A:
DOC about 4 ppm. A surface water (biopolymers!) subjected to flocculation (deducible from ratio humics/building blocks).
Site B:
A very unusual water, because biopolymers are extremely high (650 ppb). Such values are normally only found for waste waters or shallow lakes with reed.
Site C:
Also remarkable: Low in DOC (< 1 ppm) but - on a relative scale - high biopolymers.
Site D:
DOC < 100 ppb! Such waters are usually very old and come from deep wells. Such waters may also be found in shallow depth in areas of recent volcanic activities. Volcanic matter is a strong absorbent for DOC.
Site E:
Similar to Site D.

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